Our Vision

When we look to the future of our family of families, we are prayerfully hopeful that our new facility; which we are calling the “Faith Community Center” becomes a cornerstone upon which we continue to build just that: a center where our community of faith is celebrated. In our hopes and prayers, and with your support, our future, this multi-purpose space will allow greater accessibility for all St. William and St. Lawrence parishioners and guests. This new building will be more than just bricks and mortar, but will bring improved functionality for church offices, handicap accessibility, and enhanced accommodations for all our parishioners and ministries. Together we pray that our ministries grow and thrive, finding a new home in the Faith Community Center.

We pray that through grateful and generous hearts, this Faith Community Center will grow the ministries of worship, fellowship, education and service.

With a new space to expand our worship, we will see our youth group worshiping together, finding common ground that compliments and expands their faith in Christ at such a pivotal time in their journey towards adulthood.

Our family of families will find a home that brings young and old together for fellowship. Weddings, anniversaries, the celebration of new life at baby showers and all of life’s celebrations, big and small, will provide opportunities to learn from one another so that our rich traditions and legacy can be passed from one generation to the next.

Those in pursuit of prayerful education will find a place to form prayer groups, bible study, classes and faith formation teams that will in turn strengthen the fabric of our community.

Whether it be through preparing bereavement meals, volunteering to lead children’s liturgy, or sponsoring someone attending RCIA classes, those longing to serve Christ through service to others will find ample opportunity to put their faith into action at our Faith Community Center.

Key components of our Faith Community Center:

  • Administrative offices for Saint William and Saint Lawrence
  • Meeting and counseling space for ministries
  • Handicap accessible facility and parking
  • Event space for both parishes
  • Modern rest room facilities

Our Plan is to begin raising the additional funds needed in 2021 as parishioners finish paying pledges made during the initial campaign. See our FAQs section below to learn more.

Help make our capital campaign a success!

We need everyone who can give $5,000 or more to please consider a gift.

It can be paid over 5 years. Thank you!

From Our Pastor

Dear Loving Parishioners,


We, as a faith family, have been preparing to build a Faith Community Center for our parishes for some time. It has been a long felt need of the two parishes for our spiritual, social and fellowship strengthening activities. As a growing faith community, we urgently feel the need of this Faith Community Center to better serve all who make their home here.

I, as the current pastor, am in agreement with my predecessors, who envisioned this project. I strongly support this project and believe that this will be a treasured gift for us and for future generations. The need for functional church offices that are accessible to everyone and dedicated space for both community and family celebrations and activities quickly became evident upon my arrival.

We, as a faith family, will be able to meet the needs of our growing community and complete the Faith Community Center with your generosity and prayer. Our Church needs your participation in making this dream come true. I am sure, the ripples of joy in completing this project will continue in our midst for years to come as we continue to gather and grow in faith.

In accordance with diocesan policies, we cannot begin building until the full $2.2 million cost has been pledged. Now, I invite you to join in our collective effort to bring this project to fruition. No gift is too small. This will be possible only with your prayers and kind and generous financial support.

Would you consider contributing towards this long-cherished project of our faith family?

Fr. Shijo Vadakumkara

Campaign Prayer

Most gracious heavenly Father, You continually bless us with abundant gifts. Grant us the gifts of grateful and generous hearts. Especially now as our parish family moves with confidence toward growing our ministry of worship, fellowship, education, and service. Give us the faith, courage and the desire to support this step forward in our Church mission as we prepare for this and future generations. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Architectural Drawings

plan 1

plan 2

plan 3

plan 4

How You Can Be Part of the Campaign

The plans described in this brochure should look familiar to you, because they have been prayerfully considered over many years. As a parish, we’ve reflected, planned, and dreamed. We’ve thought deeply about how to sustain the usefulness, safety, and beauty of our building. The estimated cost is $2.2 million or 440 shares at $5,000/share. We have raised 240 shares to date, so we need to raise 200 more.

It’s time now to trust that God has prompted our intentions and blesses the vision set before us. Relying on that trust, the capital campaign committee invites your generosity on behalf of the parish’s future. How is the Holy Spirit leading you to respond to this opportunity to give? We recognize that your financial commitment is a personal matter and invite your reflection, prayer, and planning.

One choice may be a cash amount from your income, savings, or investments. Another choice may be made by thinking creatively, including the ideas below.

Giving Guide

After prayerful consideration, please be as generous as possible while choosing the appropriate level of pledging to fit your life’s circumstances; in a spirit of equal sacrifice not equal gifts, we ask everyone to give as they are able. Your pledge can be fulfilled over a three-year period. Rest assured that all gifts, regardless of size will be valued.

Giving chart

Creative Ways to Give

A significant gift may be no further away than a trip to your basement, attic, garage, or shed. We all have a lot of stuff packed away. What might you find that could be sold for a better cause? Unused jewelry, sporting goods, glassware, antiques, coin collections, and decorations are a few of the items that could find a use to glorify the Lord.

What do you receive that is extra? You might choose to give a portion of quarterly dividends or interest received. Another choice is to give a portion of annual tax refunds, bonuses, or inheritances.

You may choose to use an asset to fund a commitment. Some assets, such as stocks, farmland, vacation homes, or other property, may be transferred to our parish, resulting in a potential tax savings.

Is there one thing you spend money on now that you would be willing to sacrifice for the sake of being a part of our campaign? You might eat out one less time per week or month, wash your own car, or vacation closer to home and give what you save on travel. Giving up one $1.50 beverage per day doesn’t sound like a big sacrifice; but it does add up. $1.50 per day = $10.50 per week = $546.00 per year = $1,638 in three years. Or, start clipping coupons and donate the money you save!

Frequently Asked Questions

Faith Community Center

Why do we need the building?
  • The current St. William & St. Lawrence Church office building was built as a house and was not meant for offices. It has been pieced together trying to create office space as our parishes have grown. There are many tripping and safety hazards as a result (i.e.- old carpeting, exposed phone and internet cables running throughout the building, etc.) We have “managed” thus far, but as we have grown, so have our needs and concerns.
  • The Church office building has become very difficult at times to heat and cool, increasing utility costs.
  • The Church offices are not handicap accessible. Many parishioners cannot climb the steps to enter the offices. This limits meetings spaces and easy access to our parish ministries.
  • Current handicap accessible parking is minimal and a far distance from the door of St. William’s Church. This poses safety issues at night or during bad weather for many of our parishioners.
  • The Church offices are small, and lack the privacy needed for conducting daily business. Those seeking spiritual direction, marriage/family counseling, sacramental preparation or guidance in our Catholic faith also need to feel there is a private space in our offices to discuss such matters.
  • There is no reception area in the current offices. If there are more than two people for an appointment, they are left to be standing in the Church secretary’s office or the hallway.
  • There is not a proper conference room or meeting space for employee meetings, meetings with families seeking counseling or making funeral arrangements, or the councils and committees of our churches, such as Parish Council, Finance Council, RCIA, and the Building & Grounds Committee.
  • There is a lack of storage for church and office supplies, educational materials, church decorations and more. The basement of the Church offices, where the archives are kept often has standing water on the floor.
  • When school is in session, families must travel from St. William to St. Lawrence after a funeral for the bereavement meal.
  • St. William and St. Lawrence parishes does not have a large indoor gathering space, other than the gym. The gym floor has been damaged as a result of some events and decorations used in the past. As our family of families continues to grow, we need a gathering space that allows us to celebrate together without further damage to the spaces we already have.
  • In recent years, we have seen the majority of family and wedding celebrations taken out of our parish to a larger church/community center that also requires less work and time to decorate. The gym requires hours of decorating (i.e.- hanging canvas along the walls) to create the environment parishioners desire for these celebrations.
What are the intended uses for this building?
  • Church offices and parish ministries
  • Meeting spaces for our church groups: Knights of Columbus, youth group, Women’s Guild, Bible studies, small groups, RCIA, etc.
  • Funeral ministry, including viewing and respite
  • Church/community gatherings
  • Retreats: Sacrament preparation retreats, Koinonia, Bible school, etc.
  • Wedding receptions
  • Wedding party dressing/waiting area
  • Wedding and baby showers
  • Family reunions
  • Birthday and anniversary celebrations
  • School and community dinners, fundraisers, -and other events
  • Storage of church decorations, supplies, business archives, etc.
  • And many more not listed here, and those to come as we continue to gather and grow in faith!
What other benefits come from the addition of the Faith Community Center
  • Handicap accessibility to the Church offices, including more handicap accessible parking located between the Church and Faith Community Center promoting the safety of parishioners and guests.
  • The new offices will allow our pastor and lay ministers to complete their planning, business and carry out ministries with less distractions in an environment that meets their needs and the needs of the parishioners.
  • A reception area will provide a comfortable waiting area while granting privacy for staff and parishioners both waiting and being served in person or on the phone.
  • Modern, multi-stall, fully accessible restrooms that will also be accessible during Mass and services.
  • More comfortable spaces and a spiritually inspiring environment for those requesting counseling with our pastor or lay ministers.
  • When a funeral is held at St. William, families and loved ones may come together immediately following in the Faith Community Center without the need to travel elsewhere.
  • Greater access to event space and facilities without depending on the school and sports schedules, while also allowing preservation of the gym floor.
  • Each parish toured in the beginning planning stages expressed a greater sense of community, participation and thriving Faith Community directly related to the addition of their new parish hall/ parish center facilities. We can only pray and hope to have a similar result!
  • Has the design changed since we began the previous campaign?

    Yes. We received a lot of feedback from the town hall meetings that were held in January and we made some changes to the design as a result. The modified design provides ADA accessible parking spaces and a covered walkway between the Faith Community Center and St. William Church. The covered walkway crosses through a parking lot between the Church and the new building. People will be able to be dropped off under the canopy and may enter the Church or the Faith Community Center during inclement weather, without being exposed to the elements. These modifications allow for greater accessibility to both buildings for everyone.

    Can we just renovate the buildings we have instead of building new?

    No. There would not be much cost-savings and we would still not be meeting all the needs of our community.

    Are we sure the proposed fellowship hall will be large enough?

    We used the size of the gym as a starting point for the size of the fellowship hall. The planned fellowship hall is around 1,000 SF larger than the gym, with a separate serving area to allow for full use of the hall for seating and events. The code occupant load is 416 people.

    Why is it being called a “Faith Community Center” now?

    This building will house the Fellowship Hall, but when considering the building’s multiple other uses, “Faith Community Center” is far more accurate. This building will endlessly serve both parishes as one community with our church offices, meeting and activity rooms for the youth group, Knights of Columbus, Women’s Guild, Bible studies, small groups, wedding, and family celebrations, RCIA, etc.

    How will we maintain this building?

    There will be some additional costs for the operation and maintenance. The current parish offices building is not efficient to maintain and the demolition of the old building will help to offset these additional costs.

    Why haven’t we started construction yet?

    The Diocese of Owensboro requires that we have 40% of the cost of the project in hand and the remaining 60% of the cost pledged before we will be allowed to begin construction. We have already collected the 40% needed to start, but we still need the rest of the money pledged before we can break ground.

    Is any construction or updates to Mary Carrico Catholic School included in this project?

    No. While the entire community will benefit from the Faith Community Center, none of the money collected will be used for the school, facilities or maintenance. All money is legally bound to be used for the Faith Community Center and nothing else.


    What is the total cost of the project?

    The current projected cost is $2.2 million.

    Why has the cost increased since the first campaign?

    During the first campaign, we projected the cost at $1.7 million and received $1.2 million in pledges and contributions. Over the last few years, we have seen significant inflation in construction and materials costs due to new policies, regulations, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The sooner we receive pledges covering the remaining portion of the cost, the sooner we can accept bids, select a contractor and break ground.

    Will the costs continue to increase, possibly out of our reach?

    While costs have increased, we have collected the 40% cash in-hand that the Diocese requires for us to move forward with the project. The balance of the estimated cost must be raised in pledges before moving forward with the next step. The sooner we get the remaining pledges, the sooner we can get started.

    Can we reduce the scope of the project to save money?

    Many different plans have been reviewed in efforts to reduce cost while still meeting the needs of our parishes as we continue to grow. Unfortunately, reducing the project any further, will not meet our needs.


    What is the goal of this campaign?

    To receive pledges to cover the remaining 40% of the estimated $2.2 million cost and break ground on the Faith Community Center. This remaining 40% equals $1 million needed to be pledged. During the first campaign, parishioners generously made pledges and contributions totalling $1.2 million.

    Why do we need a second campaign?

    Many churches with projects of this size have two campaigns due to the high costs. The first campaign generally helps get the project started, and the second campaign helps to pay it off.

    What if this campaign does not reach our overall goal for the cost of the Faith Community Center?

    If we are still short of our goal, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, Building & Grounds Committee and Parish Council will need to have discussions about our next steps. We may need to have fundraisers or even another campaign. We are legally obligated to use the money that has been collected for a parish center. It is common for parishes to have multiple campaigns because these types of projects have such high costs. If we are close to our goal, but fall short, hopefully we can still find a way to move forward.

    What if we exceed our overall goal of $2.2 million pledged?

    We will celebrate even more! Any extra monies pledged and collected will be used for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE). These are additional costs beyond construction costs and are not included in the $2.2 million total. These costs are variable depending on what exactly is needed, therefore, are not being included in the total cost at this time.

    How will we make our contributions?
    • There are a number of ways you can make your contribution:
    • Weekly/monthly contribution using the Building Fund envelope
    • Setting up an automatic payment to the parish offices with your bank (free for the church and usually free for you too!)
    • Setting up an automatic payment using the church website; www.swslparishes.org and click “Donate Online”
    • Estate planning
    • IRA, stocks, etc.
    • Ask your employer if they would consider a contribution to the project
    • Gift of assets, property, or goods
    When will the second campaign begin?

    We are planning for a second campaign in 2021 as parishioners finish their current pledge. The timeline to make a pledge is the fall of 2021. Our second campaign will be identical with a new logo (Saints William and Lawrence) and new theme Gather and Grow in Faith.

    I have time and skills (i.e.- plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.) I would like to donate. Can this be my contribution?

    The answer is possibly: Once a general contractor is chosen and the scope of work is determined you will have an opportunity to bid and/or offer free services.

    Can my weekly offering be used for the project instead?

    No, weekly offerings are used to run the parishes, staff salaries, utilities, supplies, etc. It is especially important that parishioners continue to support our parishes during the campaign so we may continue with our daily work and ministry.

    What if my personal circumstances change and I am unable to contribute my full pledged amount?

    We understand everyone’s circumstances could change at any time. If you are unable to fulfill your pledged amount, we ask that you continue to pray for the campaign and the building of the Faith Community Center. Any pledge you make is not a legal obligation.

    What if I am unable to make a large contribution to the campaign?

    We are not asking everyone for the same amount, but any amount is greatly appreciated and gets us closer to our goal! Even something as simple as $5 per week would add up to almost an $800 contribution over the course of the campaign!

    Is my contribution tax deductible?

    Yes, to the full extent that the law provides.

    Can other assets be given as contributions?

    Yes, stocks and bonds are the easiest but if interested in donating property or goods we will assist as we are able in liquifying your asset.

    How do I make a planned gift as part of my estate plan?

    A planned gift is a great way to leave a legacy for the parish. If interested in making a planned gift from your estate, please speak with your financial advisor. Our building plans to move forward need a gift in the next three years.

    Can I make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)from my traditional IRA?

    Yes, if you are 70 ½ years old. This is an excellent way to make a gift and maximize your tax deduction.

    I can contribute, but do not want to make a specific pledge. Will this affect the project?

    Yes, this greatly affects the timeline in which the Faith Community Center will follow. We cannot include projected contributions in our total unless they are submitted as a pledge. If not submitted as a pledge, it can delay the beginning of construction since it will not be in the pledged total.

    Can I make my contribution after we break ground?

    Contributions are always welcome, however, having the full cost of the project pledged is the only way to receive Diocese permission to move forward and break ground.

    I am unable to make a monetary contribution right now, is there another way to contribute to this mission?

    Yes! Prayers are always needed for a project such as this and are a vital part. Please continue to pray and show your support.

    Will any portion of these funds go to the Diocese of Owensboro?

    No. All funds will go toward the building and furnishing of the Faith Community Center. These funds are also exempt from being included in the annual assessment of revenues performed by the Diocese.

    Has the Church hired a professional for in home visits?

    Yes, but slightly different than in the past – very similar to last campaign. It is our prayer that parishioners have their questions answered in order to better understand the needs of the church and the purpose of this building. Thus, it is the goal to reach parishioners primarily through internal means such as announcements, bulletins, this website, mailings, etc. Some parishioners may want to discuss this confidential matter in their homes to obtain more information. Since 1938, Kirby-Smith Associates have helped to do just this. Their staff is largely composed of retired pastors and dedicated men and women who are experienced at having this type of dialogue. They also have a wonderful track record within our Diocese, as they have worked with many others including St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and Holy Spirit Parish in Bowling Green.


    When will construction begin?

    It depends. These phases will begin once we have the full 100% cost of the project pledged:

    • Phase 1: Final review and project approval from the Diocesan Building Committee
    • Phase 2: Accept bids, and select a contractor
    • Phase 3: Demolition of current parish offices
    • Phase 4: Building Faith Community Center and parking lot
    • Phase 5: Completion! Move offices into new PLC and celebrate this major accomplishment!
    How will a contractor be chosen?

    Once 100% of the $2.2 million total has been pledged, we may open the project to accept bids. We will accept a minimum of three bids. The Building and Grounds Committee will review all bids and will make a recommendation to the Parish Council for a final decision.

    How long will this campaign last?

    3 years